Registration - Online on realm

Register Online with Realm, Our Church Community Platform


Regular Attenders

Register for Summer Splash through the Events list on Realm. You need to be logged into the Realm website or on your phone app, go the Events tab and scroll down to find the Summer Splash event in the list for July (with each Sunday service listed in Events, the list is long). Click the event to start registration. When registering, be sure to add yourself as a parent registrant in addition to your children. The parent registration allows you to answer some important parent questions. During the registration process you can identify guests you plan to bring with you. Please review the Terms & Conditions before registering.

We are using a new registration process with Realm and this is our first major event so thanks for your patience as we learn together! Watch the short video below for a walk-through on how to register once you're logged into your Realm account. In the video, click on the Vimeo button at the bottom to view it full screen on Vimeo. 

Not registered on Realm?

If you have not yet signed in and created an account on Realm, you'll need to do that first. You may have already received an invitation. Look in your email (check junk/spam) for a message from Crossroads Bible Church to Join your church family. Follow the instructions in the email. If you don't have an inviation, see the details on our Realm page

Guest REgistration

For those who don't regularly attend CBC and are not part of our Realm community, we're excited to welcome you to Summer Splash!  A link to the guest registration form is below. Please review the Terms & Conditions before registering.  Please pay attention to the steps below before you click into the registration process.  When filling out the form:

  1. Tell us a little about yourself - fill in your name, email and phone number
  2. Who is attending this event? Please include yourself and then click +Add a Guest for each one of your kids.
  3. For your parent record - Select Registration option "Parent Info - please select yourself".  Selecting this option will allow us to ask you some parent related questions.
  4. For each child you are registering - fill out the questions for each one of them.  You don't need to add Email or Phone for the kiddos so just leave that blank.  Please answer all of the required questions for each child.
  5. Continue on to pay.

Terms & Conditions

To attend Summer Splash, you must agree to the terms and conditions of participation.  By completing the registration form, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below. You will indicate agreement on the registration form.  For questions, email

Terms & Conditions

1. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper who constitutes a hazard to the safety and/ or rights of the others or demonstrates that he/she has rejected Crossroads Bible Church (hereafter CBC) rules and the reasonable controls and supervision of the camp staff. 2. The Camp Director reserves the right to refuse any camper for whom he/she feels the camp cannot provide adequate health care for and/or supervision, out of concern for the camper’s health and safety. The Camp Director also reserves the right to refuse any camper who they feel is unable to understand and/or follow safety procedures. 3. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to CBC including photocopy of the sections of any order referring to visitation rights. 4. Failure to disclose medical problems or concerns at the time of registration could result in dismissal 5. The parents/guardians are responsible for replacing property damaged by the reckless behavior of the camper 6. CBC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Valuable items should not be brought to camp.

Parents Agreement by signing the application, I/We (parent/guardian), have read and understand the conditions of enrollment and specifically agree to the following: 1. To permit our camper(s) to be involved in all activities at Summer Splash 2. To release CBC and any of their affiliates, directors and agents, from any and all civil liability arising from my child’s participation in Summer Splash 3. My signature on this application shall give the Camp Director authorization to arrange for any special services or other requirements necessary for my child’s welfare and good health including ordering injections, anesthesia, or surgery, if I cannot be reached. 4. I will list all of my child’s ongoing health conditions, medications, allergies, special dietary needs or activity restrictions, if any in the camper registration form when I complete it during the second step of registration. 5. I will provide food for snack time if my child has dietary needs or restrictions.