You know what rhymes with Christmas? Volunteer! Silliness aside, we look forward to Christmas Eve, but it cannot be done without our amazing volunteers. Help serve our community by volunteering for one of the many needs listed below and submit the form. We cannot wait to serve alongside you!

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Volunteer Position Info

Welcome Center Attendant - arrive 15 min before your service, return for 15 min after service.

Pre-Service Door Greeter - arrive 30 minutes before service.

Post-Service Door Greeter - be in position 5 minutes before end of service, stay for 15 min after.

Usher - Arrive 30 minutes before service, remain at post while people are still arriving.

Cafe Server - contact Annabelle for details. ahung@cbcbellevue.com

Parking Attendants - arrive 30 minutes ahead of service until no longer needed.

Photo Booth Assistant - report to student center 5 minutes before end of service.

Cookie Decorating - assistants needed between services and during service to prepare for next service.

Cinnamon Roll Preparer - contact Walt for details. walt@wollny.org