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We see and hear stories of love all the time; a parents love for a child or a couple being reunited and these are all great things, but none of them compares to the love that was shown to us the day Christ was born. This was a prophesy that had been made many years before that people had been waiting for, and God always keeps His promises. Christ humbled Himself as a baby to come to this earth for us. As John 3:16 states, “For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” This started with Christ being born on earth. This moment is truly life altering. The love shown to us in this moment is amazing. Our God, all powerful, all knowing, chose to be born as a baby. He chose to learn how to walk and talk and face every temptation we face, all so he could empathize and save us from our flesh. That is true love. That is a love that surpasses everything else. He chose to live for us on the earth and then be ridiculed, mocked, beaten, and hung on a cross to die for us. That is a love that we cannot even fathom. We are not worthy of such a love, yet God loves us despite our failing and sins because that is who He is, love. Christmas is about celebrating this love that has been shown to us. It is a time to show glory and praise to God for coming to this world and loving us. Take some time to praise God and thank Him for His undeserving love for you.

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The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth is one of true joy. They waited and prayed for years to have a child of their own but Elizabeth was not able to conceive. Waiting is one of the toughest things we are called to do. It takes a lot of patience and even more trust. But it is in those times that we find our joy through Christ. God did not leave Zechariah and Elizabeth, nor was He punishing them for anything they did. In fact, Luke clearly states that they followed God’s commands blamelessly (v. 6). It was just a time for them to wait and trust in God’s plan for their life. God did eventually bless them with a child in their old age, a child that brought them so much joy and who would lead the way for Christ. The Christmas season can be a fun and joyous time for many, but for others it can reminder of all the things you are still waiting for. Whether that is to reunite with family, to find healing, or for a longing to be fulfilled, the holiday season can be a harsh reminder of these things. But there is joy in waiting. God is with you always and has a plan we cannot comprehend. Joy doesn’t mean you are happy all the time, instead it is knowing that God is in control always and is there for you through every moment. Joy is resting in God and trusting that He is faithful. Joy is understanding that He chose you and loves you. God sent His Son to be born in this world for you! If you can’t find anything else to be joyful in, be joyful in that this Christmas season and praise God for humbling Himself to be a servant on earth for us and to die on the cross for us. Trust that He is in control even while you wait. 

Daily Scripture

  • Isaiah 2:7-9: What brings you joy in your faith?
  • Luke 1:5-25: Think of a time when God answered a prayer for you. What were the emotions you felt and how did you respond?
  • Luke 1:39-45: What humbles you in your walk with God?
  • Luke 1:46-66: Just as Elizabeth and Mary rejoiced together, we are called to rejoice with one another. When was the last time you truly rejoiced with someone over God’s gifts?
  • Luke 1:67-80: How have the mercies of God shaped your life?


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Lately, it seems that there has been much disruptive behavior in our world. We can’t seem to go a day without hearing about some negative or terrible thing that has happened. But we have the Prince of Peace ruling in our world even amid the pain and toil. God sent Christ to share His commands with the people of the world. Christ was born in this world to glorify God and spread His Word to all places, and now it is our job to continue this task. He never said it would be easy or fair, but He did promise that one day He would return and bring justice to the world. Without justice, there is no peace. But we have a God of justice and the Prince of Peace who walks with us through our lives. We have the peace of knowing someday all will be right again and there will be no more pain or sorrows. We have peace in knowing that God is sovereignly in control of all things so there is no need to worry about tomorrow. The Christmas season can be a hectic and stressful time, but God calls us to remember Him and instead help bring peace to the world. This is a time we should all be slowing down and remembering that God is in control and He will never leave our side. 

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We have a God who is faithful and kind and who will never leave a promise unfulfilled. Throughout the Old Testament, God promised His people a savior, a Messiah who would come down and rule, bringing peace and justice with Him. These people never saw that promise fulfilled, yet they had faith that God was true to His word. They believed that someday He would send a savior from the line of David to rule because they had hope in God. As Christians, we should have this same hope in God. God promised that Christ would return one day and bring justice to this world and defeat our enemy once and for all, and we must have hope for this day. God has never left an unfulfilled promise and He won’t now. He is true to His Word and He is faithful to us, never leaving us. Just as he fulfilled the promise that someday a shoot of Jesse would come to rule, so He will fulfill the promises He has given to us. We have an amazing God and we should be filled with trust and hope in Him. During this Christmas season, remember that God always fulfills His promises and share that hope with others.

Daily Scripture

  • Genesis 3:8-15: What will God do to the serpent in the end?
  • Psalm 89:1-4: What does it mean to you that God’s love and kingdom will last forever?
  • Isaiah 11:1-10: What are some of the characteristics of Christ?
  • Jeremiah 33:14-17: Do you believe that God always follows through on His promises? Why or why not?
  • John 1:1-9: How does it give you hope knowing that Christ has been there from the beginning and will continue to be there through eternity?